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Central Locking Remotes


Let’s face it Central Locking Remotes are one of the best inventions of the modern motor car. That’s why when they don't work correctly or you don't have one it can be a pain in the backside. With the rain we have in Darwin the last thing you want to be doing is fumbling around with keys to get into your car while you get absolutely soaked.

Top End Locksmiths know what it’s like, that’s why we sell and program all of the major manufacturers' remotes. Be it a Toyota Camry or a Holden Commodore we have you covered. If it’s a genuine system from factory we can help you.

Unfortunately like all things electronic these days, remotes aren’t meant to last for ever. Some are easy to fix with a new battery but others like Toyota and Holden remotes are sometimes sealed shut from the factory and a flat battery means a new remote. Buttons wear out, circuit boards break, At Top End Locksmiths we have seen it all. If you have any Central Locking Remote related issues please give us a call today. Below you will find a selection of remotes we have to offer. If you can see the remote you’re looking for give us a ring, we should still be able to order it for you.


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