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ECU Resetting Services


Top End Locksmiths is Darwin's leader in Immobiliser ECU Resetting. We have the lastest and most advanced equipment which allows us to work on most ECU's. This service is what makes us true Automotive Locksmiths. It's a skill that takes years to master and requires continuous training to keep up to date. With some Transponder Systems if you misplace all the keys there is NO way to program new keys to the vehicle or motorcycle without an existing key. In the past if you were to misplace all your keys the process of making new keys would cost you thousands of dollars. Not anymore, Top End Locksmiths have the skills and the knowhow to reset these ECU's allowing new keys to be programmed. This also means no parts are replaced or huge waiting times. Top End Locksmiths can have you back on the road in no time.


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Toyota / Honda ECU Resetting Specialist

Toyota and Honda vehicles are some of the most popular vehicles to require ECU resets if all existing keys are lost or if master / red keys are lost. In the past it has been a very expensive exercise if new keys are required. Not anymore. Top End Locksmiths have made it our mission to make a more affordable service. As most Territorians would know Toyotas are one of the most popular brands in the NT and Honda isn't far off it so it only makes sense that we would specialise at servicing these brands. For all your Toyota or Honda key related issues make sure you call Top End Locksmiths otherwise there’s a chance you could be paying too much!

Motorcycle ECU Resetting

When it comes to Motorcycles, programming new keys after all existing keys have been misplaced was a nightmare for anyone. Not anymore. Top End Locksmiths are the leaders in Motorcycle ECU resetting. We service all the major brands meaning we can have you back on the road in no time. There are now options when it comes to motorcycles so make sure you call Top End Locksmiths for all your key related problems.


Before you have any work done on your vehicle's Immobiliser ECU, Make sure you ask if they have had any formal training, otherwise the result could be CATASTROPHIC. Top End Locksmith work with Immobiliser ECU's everyday and we can guarantee our work 100%.


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