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Spare / Replacement Keys


Top End Locksmiths is Darwin's leader in Automotive Locksmithing. We service anything from classic cars to brand new cars straight off the showroom floor. Our training and knowledge is second to none and the equipment we use allows us to service 95% of cars on the road today. We have made it our mission to stay on the forefront of Automotive Locksmithing and are always improving our methods and updating our equipment so that one day there won't be a car we can't service. If you have a car or motorcycle with key or lock related problems we are your one stop Automotive Locksmithing shop!


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Spare Transponder Keys

Top End Locksmiths uses the latest in Transponder cloning technology. With this equipment we can supply spare keys for around 95% of cars on the market today. If you already have a key and are just after a spare this is the service you are looking for.

When cloning Transponder keys we can utilise aftermarket keys which means we can charge a fraction of the price of an original key. Aftermarket keys are normally the same shape and size as original keys. We only use the highest quality aftermarket keys on the market.


Replacement Transponder Keys

Top End Locksmiths use the latest in Transponder Key production equipment. With this equipment we can program or produce new Transponder Keys if all existing keys are stolen or misplaced.

With these methods we can utilize both original or aftermarket keys depending on the year. make and model of the vehicle.

Our services are fully mobile and we will complete the work onsite with the vehicle so we can guarantee our keys will always work.


Onsite Key Cutting Services

We cut all Automotive keys onsite. Top End Locksmiths have the latest in computerised key cutting services.

All spare keys will be cut to factory specs. This means that all the wear on the keys we are copying from isn't transferred to the new keys. We can also cut brand new keys onsite either by the original key code or by decoding a lock onsite.




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  • If you drive it or ride it we have the solution for you!


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