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Spare / Replacement Car Keys

Have you lost your car keys or had a set of keys stolen? Have you only got one key and would like a spare key?

ECU Resetting Service

Have you lost keys to a Toyota or Honda and have been quoted thousands of dollars? Do you need spare keys but have been told you don't have a master key or red key?

Replacement Central Locking Remotes

Central Locking Remote not working? Are your buttons worn out and making operation difficult? Are you after a spare remote for your new car?

Automotive Locksmithing Services


Top End Locksmiths is Darwin's leader in Automotive Locksmithing. We service anything from classic cars to brand new cars straight off the showroom floor. Our training and knowledge is second to none and the equipment we use allows us to service 95% of cars on the market today. We have made it our mission to stay on the forefront of Automotive Locksmithing and are always improving our methods and updating our equipment so that one day there won't be a car we can't service. If you have a car or motorcycle with key or lock related problems we are your one stop Automotive Locksmithing shop!


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What are Transponder Keys?

Transponder Keys are automotive keys that have non powered small transponder chips embedded into the plastic head of the key. When the Transponder Key is turned in the ignition to start the vehicle the chip is read by a reader located around the ignition barrel itself. If the vehicles ECU recognises the chip it will allow the car to start, if not the car might attempt to turn over but will fail to start or start and stall straight away.

Transponder Keys have been used in most common cars since 1997. Most European cars used them a lot earlier and from 2000 they could be found in pretty much all cars sold on the market.

The main reason Transponder Keys were used were to beef up the standard security and to reduce the number of vehicle thefts. With a Transponder Key System fitted it makes it pretty much impossible to hot wire the vehicle or to force the ignition around to steal the vehicle. Along with this, it also made it hard for the end user to purchase spare keys without returning to the manufacturer and paying big bucks. Today there are a lot more options on purchasing spare or replacement Transponder Keys and Top End Locksmiths can cater for all your needs.

Transponder Key Systems are so discrete that most people aren’t aware they are there until it’s too late. With all vehicles fitted with a Transponder Key System you should always have at least one spare key. If you were to lose your only key or have all the keys stolen, it’s not as easy as just cutting a new key to fix the problem. New keys need to be programmed to the vehicles Immobiliser ECU and to do this you will normally need at least one key already working on the car. Transponder Keys aren’t the cheapest key on the market but it pays to always have a spare key, because if you lost your only key it will cost you at least four to six times the price of a spare key to programme new keys to your car.

Of course it’s not the end of the world if all of the Transponder Keys are lost. Top End Locksmiths has the equipment to either program new keys without any keys or reset the vehicle's Immobiliser ECU to accept new Transponder Keys.

What We Can Do For You!

  • Spare / Replacement Car Keys
  • Repair / Replace / Rekey Car Locks
  • Central Lock Remotes
  • Immobiliser ECU Resetting Services
  • Security Pin Code Reading
  • Test and Diagnose Transponder Key Sytems
  • Remove Missing / Stolen Transponder Keys
  • Onsite Key Cutting
  • Aftermarket Transponder Keys
  • During Hours Lockout Service
  • 100% Mobile Service - We Come To You!

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